Applicant Tracking System

Ideal for S.L.B.F.E Agencies in Sri Lanka

Make better decisions, easily move candidates through your recruiting lifecycle and manage the entire tracking process from a single, easy-to-use interface.

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The Industry-Leading Applicant Tracking System

Streamline Candidate Management from Sourcing to Submittal to Departure

Centralize all candidates documents and access from anywhere

  • Upload candidate's supporting documents (certifications, bureau documents, ticketing/training documents) to the Cloud and access from anywhere instantly and securely


Quickly search and assign to Jobs

  • Easily scan your Candidate database and assign suitable candidates to the job. Complete history of each candidate is maintained


Applicant Processing from start to finish

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of interviews, medical, training, ticketing etc through a simple interface. Know the exact status of your shortlisted candidates in seconds!

Applicant Tracking System Features

Organize your candidate CV databank

We know how hard it is to maintain the CV's you receive. Our system will allow you to easily maintain your DataBank and search through the database quicky by passport number, name, and more. Since the system is web-based you can access from anywhere.

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Manage and organize your documents so its easily accessible

Our system organizes all documents of your Candidate submissions (scanned copies of Passport, certifications, training etc) so you can access the required documents with a click of a button anywhere and anytime. Even documents collected in the recruitment process is easily stored (like visa, bureau, medical etc.)


Convert your data into valuable insight

Our reporting and analytics capabilities enable you to turn your team's recruiting activity data into business insight. Standard reports include analysis of candidates (over periods of time, industry and designation,activity against specific job orders, candidate sourcing effectiveness, and more.

Advanced filtering features to fill your Job order with the right candidates

The applicant tracking system allows you to quickly filter and select suitable candidates for your Job orders. Check candidate history with previous jobs and applicant status within the application tracking software itself.

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Robust interview and applicant processing module

Schedule interview with robust interview scheduling features, manage each stage of the interview process and also easily handle the selection process using our easy to use interface

passive activity tracking screenshot

We guarantee your data security

We constantly run database backups. If hardware fails we'll restore the system and all the data instantly. System passwords are encrypted and you are the only one who can access them. The privacy of your information is guaranteed by Techlicize in a legal agreement.

Clients can login and easily see the status of each candidate

Your clients will have access and be able to see the status of each shortlisted candidate by job. We will hide the candidates contact information and only show the status of the candidate in the recruitment pipeline.

No more sending emails to the client to inform them of the status of the candidates. They can simply login to their unique web portal and get all the information they need. This will save you lots of time and unnecessary back and forth communications

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Get Started and See Real Results Fast

Work Faster and Smarter

Make better decisions, improve sales and recruiter productivity, and manage the entire recruitment and applicant management process from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Our applicant tracking system is built to scale without limitation and address the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our platform is built to fit the requirements of recruiting firms at all stages of growth. Our software scales to work for small business and enterprise companies alike.

Our software (SaaS) can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Increase productivity by logging into the software on computer or mobile device. Experience safe and secure data storage.

Learn more or contact a sales representative who will take the time to understand your specific needs and identify which edition will work best for you.

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We are extremely pleased with the Applicant Tracking system offered by Techlicize. We are using it for the last 3 years and our operations are much more smooth. It's Powerful, intuitive searching coupled with state of the art client/candidate management make it the best tool in the industry!

Seamlessly Move Candidates Through Recruiting Lifecycle

Organize Job Bank and Documents

Filter and assign to vacancy

Track Interviews and status

Fill Positions with Top Candidates

Manage Bureau and select process

Start Growing Your Recruiting Business With Techlicize

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