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Techlicize are a team of experienced software engineers who have worked in the Industry for over 12 years providing customers Internet based application solutions. We have provided our services to over 40 companies in SriLanka, USA, Canada, Dubai and India. Headquartered in Sri Lanka we believe in long term relationships with our clients. We are a trusted solution provider with our foundation built on trust and integrity.

With an entrepreneurial approach and great passion for the customers we serve, Techlicize is a proven solutions provider for web development, ecommerce, SEO, Applicant Tracking System and Workflow automation solutions for over a decade with a variety of product offerings. Committed to being a leader in all that we do we are proud of our achievements so far.

Techlicize's commitment to innovation-driven design and development has been at the forefront of its products and service offerings since inception. This philosophy and strategy has been a constant driver throughout the life of the company and will continue to be a competitive force moving forward. As a company, we understand the market and exactly what our customers need to maximize performance and boost top-line growth. We know that putting the best tools in front of a team of professionals is crucial to its success, and that is exactly why Techlicize is dedicated to cultivating a strong innovation pipeline.

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